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Rostam and Sohrab

“Shahnameh” (Book of Kings)

The Battle of Rostam and Sohrab Play


Dabiri Foundation proudly announces sponsoring the production of a play, recorded on DVD, of the legendary tragic tales of the ancient tales of Rostam and Sohrab. The Foundation embarked on this journey to honor the millennium of the author of the stories and the father of modern Persian language, Ferdowsi, and at a time when tragedies have become a part of our daily news. Half of the revenues generated from the sale of the DVD will be donated to the Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Foundation.

The Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Foundation (drmamodjtahedifoundation.org) established a Student Loan Fund in 2010 in honor of the late Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi, a shining star in the educational system of Iran in the last sixty years. The fund will assist American students of Iranian descent in achieving higher levels of education across North America, consistent with the wishes of Dr. Modjtahedi.

The “Shahnameh” (Book of Kings) is the great epic of ancient Persia covers the mythological tales of Iran from the creation of the world through the seventh century Arab Muslims conquest of the Sassanid dynasty. This book is a master piece of poetry, consists of many stories of love and separation, heroes and villains, wars and tragedies of the ancient Persia(Story of Mankind).

The composer, Hakim (the wise) Abolghasem Ferdowsi spent thirty five years of his life to complete this truly remarkable book over one thousand years ago.

For Iranians, Ferdowsi is not only respected as a poet/philosopher who helped to revive the Persian language at a very critical juncture in the Iranian history, but as one of the few Persian thinkers who used poetry to promote the sanctity of life and the value of wisdom. Throughout the Shahnameh, passage after passage, the Creator is saluted for giving humans the gift of life and the present of wisdom.

Rostam and Sohrab is one of the most tragic stories of the Shahnameh and in terms of literary narratives, comparable to Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.

For the DVD production, the foundation has employed the finest artists and the best possible technical support group in order to make the project worthy of the meaning of this great teaching. The DVD is in Persian with English subtitle.

Please watch a 7 minute clip of the play