Dr. Mohammad Ali Modjtahedi's lifetime achievement CELEBRATIon

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Dr. Mohammad Ali Modjtahedi (Sept.23,1908 - July 1,1997) was a lifetime educator, highly respected university professor, and the cherished principal of the prestigious Alborz High School in Tehran, Iran. He was also the founding President of the Sharif University of Technology (originally Arya-Mehr University of Technology ), Dean of Tehran Polytechnic University (currently renamed Amirkabir University of Technology), National University, and Shiraz University. Dr. Modjtahedi's lifetime achievements was celebrated on April 19, 2009 at the UCLA Faculty Center with more than 350 attending the event.

"Progress of any country is highly influenced by education of it's youth."

"Value each other's opinion and put in use your collective talent pool."

"A prosper society flourishes from its keen focus on justice."

-excerpts from Dr. Modjtahedi’s speech, 1988

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